paul antonelli

Paul F. Antonelli is an award-winning music supervisor, composer and associate director with extensive experience in all facets of music production. Winner of two Emmy Awards and nominated for ten more, Paul is currently working on NBC’s “Days Of Our Lives” as a music supervisor/associate director. The prior two years were spent in New York working on “As The World Turns” for CBS. For nine seasons prior, Paul had been combination associate director/music editor and music supervisor on NBC’s Passions, receiving his second Emmy Award for the 2003–04 season.

Before coming to Passions, Paul was music supervisor and associate director for Aaron Spelling’s Sunset Beach for its 1998–99 run. That was preceded by two very successful years in New York when executive producer Francesca James brought him in to take over the music department at All My Children, where he won his first Emmy in 1999.

Paul grew up in Boston, graduating from high school just before Elvis died in 1977. After studying music at the University of San Diego, Paul wanted to join a rock band, and moved to Los Angeles. By 1979 he was working as head DJ at the legendary Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip when he was hired at ABC-TV to become the studio’s music coordinator. He helped choose music for a variety of shows in production at the time, including The Academy Awards®, The American Music Awards, Good Morning America, Eye on LA and General Hospital. Taking advantage of ABC’s excellent educational assistance program, Paul continued his studies at UCLA majoring in music and recording engineering.

At this time Paul also played keyboards in the band Animotion, which scored an international hit in 1985 with “Obsession.” But even better opportunities beckoned. Having already music coordinated and written cues for General Hospital, Paul was ideally situated when Gloria Monty, the executive producer responsible for the General Hospital phenomenon, invited him to join the show. But after writing more music for GH, Paul became interested in writing full-time and left GH to form a music company, MusiCum Laude, with partner David Wheatley. Their role in contributing additional music to The Princess Academy led to a relationship with The Weintraub Company that resulted in scores for The Women’s Club, China O’Brien and China O’Brien II, Speed Zone!, Out of the Dark and Dead-On: Relentless II.

During this period Paul was music supervising part-time at Santa Barbara and joined the gothic horror band Radio Werewolf, in which capacity he acted in the film Mortuary Academy with Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul). From 1987 to 1991 Paul served as Director of Creative Affairs for Bernhard/Robson Entertainment, which had a development deal with Universal Pictures. But by this time ABC had brought Gloria Monty back to General Hospital as executive producer, and Sybil Robson graciously let Paul rejoin GH.

Paul has also written the incidental music for two full-length videos for Prince, “Three Chains O’ Gold” and “The Beautiful Experience,” both co-written with GH partner RC Cates.

Paul is a member of ATAS (Academy of Television Arts & Sciences), NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences), DGA (Directors Guild of America), GMS (Guild Of Music Supervisors), ASCAP (American Society of Composers and Publishers) and the AFM (American Federation of Musicians).